Why You Should Get A Dog


They say a dog is a man’s best friend.  You may be on the fence about getting one.  Here we’re going to give you seven reasons why you should.  A family isn’t a family without a dog.  You’re going to want to run out to the nearest animal shelter and get one after reading this.



1. A dog will get you out of the house.  You’re going to have to take it outside.  Then the dog is going to want to go for a walk.  That walking is good for both you and the dog.  This is why dog owners tend to be healthier.  You actually have to get up off the couch to take the dog outside.  Your dog will not let you forget that it needs to go.

2. Children who live in homes with dogs are less likely to have allergies and asthma.  This is one of those odd benefits of having a dog.  They’ll make your family healthier in ways you didn’t expect.  It makes sense though.  A child is less likely to develop allergies if they’re introduced to allergens at a young age.

3. Dogs make us feel happy.  Just making eye contact releases a chemical called oxytocin.  People with higher levels of oxytocin are less depressed, less lonely, and happier.  Think of a having a dog as a drug free method to get rid of the blues.

4. Owning a dog teaches responsibility.  This is a great lesson to teach your kids.  Especially if they’ve been hounding you for a dog.  Having a dog will prepare them for the real world.  It’ll remind your children that it’s important to meet the needs of others.  Something they’ll have to be ready for when they have children of their own.

5. People with dogs socialize more.  This makes sense.  When was the last time you stopped to tell someone they had a cute dog?  It makes for a great icebreaker.  Especially in a day and age when everyone is glued to their smartphone.  It’s surprising just how many people end up meeting their spouse this way.

6. A dog will give you a sense of purpose.  This is especially true for those that live alone.  It can be difficult figuring out why you should go outside today.  A dog will remind you that they need to go outside.  Plus, dogs need to go to the doctor too.  This will give you a new found purpose that you’ve never had before.  It’ll feel good to have to worry about someone other than yourself for a change.

7. Dogs are the most loyal creature you’ll ever meet.  You’ll have a best friend for life.  As long as you own that dog.  They’ll offer you all the love and companionship you’ll ever need.  This is the main reason why people have dogs.  It’s the very thing that has kept dogs being man’s best friend for thousands of years.

Are you ready to run out and get yourself a dog?  Owning a dog is one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll ever have.  It’s more than just having a friend for life.  A dog will be a part of your family.  Which is the very reason why you should go get one today.  Try to get your dog from an animal shelter.  By doing so you’ll ensure safe homes for homeless pets in the future.

Image credit: allfordoggy.com


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